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So i am interning in DP and i only have one more week left! Before i go to moe marketing ╯ε ╰

Last week, I helped my team for their competition by helping them to churn out marketing slogans and French condo names and being an enemy of Nicholas Le Fung. I was also asked to design and make some of the presentation materials to the client, like the logo design for the condo name and concept sketches. There was just so much marketing involved.

I also drew and coloured site and floor plans with Photoshop. I love the feeling of working in a team and staying back late together ´・◡・` I also helped to do a little part of the model for the competition submission. They have a special model team in the company who just keep churning models for the architects’ designs. They’re so cute. Their walls are all plastered with anime drawings. I initially went there to learn model making but I was glad I got to help a bit in the making the condo model too. I was also asked to take photos of the model and touchup with photoshop. Shiok wor. My hobby

I learnt all kinds of random things with my *model* teacher that sometimes has nothing to do with model-making like calculating perspective distance, composition, colour theory, absorbance levels of colours and formula to calculate exposure, and the triangular relationship between ISO, shutter speed and aperture. He really has a passion for teaching ˘ᵕ˘ I also do a lot of basic model-making like cubes ■, cylinders, cones▲ using acrylic board and poisonous cement. I dieded a tousands times because my inhalance is two times larger than normal people if you could just take a look at the size of my nostrils●●.


My teacher also encourages me to build models of my own design. At first I built ‘Villa Savoye’

2013-03-28 16.37.06

Surprised he didnt hear about it before and at first, he thought I designed it lolcakes

then I did one from my own sketches:

2013-03-15 19.52.18

this time I didn’t use the poison, but I used instant glue which made my model very dirty and shiny  •̀؁•́

He always says he likes to do his own little ‘research’, which means he is building his own models from his own designs ・◡・

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Obviously my pavilion design must have looked too much like a bench, I was asked to take part in an international Hong Kong Bench design competition for East Kowloon. One aspect of architecture I really like is site analysis; I like getting into the heads of people living near the site, finding the history of the site, topsoil, weather patterns, natural landscape. Seeing a place differently and starting to observe much more no matter where you go

I was also asked to design a bench for a condominium project my team is currently managing and in the contract admin stage. The condominium is currently being built and the developer wanted a bench to be placed outside the clubhouse but the floor was at a gradient of 1:12 so it was hard to just buy the bench from outside, so they asked the architects to design a custom bench on slanted floors for them. So I just transformed from a real estate agent into a furniture designer

At first i came up with 3 options then kaboom become 6 options that were sent to the client after I emailed the director for his comments. I dont know if I can upload them

They also made me design the access cards for the condominium! I thought that I could wield out my water colour palette and draw many many 山 and 水 but one word ‘photoshop’ from them reduced me into a mouse. I acquiesced and returned to my seat and spent a few hours in a filter gallery. Discovered some nice water colour effects which later turned out to be used for all the card options! I hope the client likes them ◉◞౪◟◉

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

on my last day sniffs, I took a photo with my *model* teacher

2013-03-28 15.20.45

and gave him some muji treats. it is a muji fan meeting

2013-03-28 02.34.54

and made a lego building for my team leader 😀

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Pavilion for Jurong West

So I got another assignment at work. To design a pavilion for the condominium project competition that my team at DP took part in. The site was Jurong West, right beside Jurong Lake. ◟◞◜◝◟◞◜◝◟◞

These only took 3 days so pls don’t expect much╰_╯

pavilion1 pavilion2

I didn’t make a model for my designs this time! ): My model making teacher at DP keeps asking me if I am going to make a model for the wave one :3 More excited than me

It is my first time using Microstation to draw the sections and elevations, a software which my whole company depends on like crazy. I tried to ‘render’ using photoshop lol. Hope i could use all the animal softwares like Rebbit and Rhino and Grasshopper

Dream House

Given an assignment “My Dream House” while interning at DP Architects ~
My boss is so cute, love the assignments she gives me, like trying to prepare me for archi school

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Image (21)

A-Level Coursework

I whitened my prep boards!!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7


8 3036_0511_9750_final 3036_0511_9750_final2 3036_0511_9750_final3

Photoshop tutorial 003


Time spent >> pay

i write photoshop tutorials on 10steps.sg which was proclaimed by my boss to be a famous website. obviously it isn’t

The nose is a time machine

RISD Drawing: Inside / Outside


They said I could use any water-based medium so I used coffee

May the fragrance stay along its journey to land of mcdonalds

It was fun but turned the paper into a floppy disk

Homage to Rene Magritte

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We were tasked by Mrs Teoh to design the Nanyang Girls High Boarding School, we turned it upside down.

Secondary 4 Coursework

Photo Credits:  Mr Mike Chang

Exhibited at Ministry of Education’s Art Elective Programme Exhibition 2011 Between Worlds at the National Library.


JTC I³ Challenge

The Challenge allowed me to open my eyes and observe. It took me out of the high currents of my life, threw me into the environment I often relegated to the peripherals of my consciousness. I walked around on my hands and feet, between communities, into people. I translated what I saw and what I heard into sketches. Sketching made me stop and feel. It unlocked my senses to the needs of the community and I tried to walk around in the shoes of the elderly imagine an environment that could sync with the rhythm of their lives.

For the first time in my life, I touchd AutoCAD and Sketchup without a hint how to use them, and with the deadline in 5 hours. I had to screenshot all my designs because I couldn’t find out how to print them out from the software. It was a very packed and tight-scheduled competition that involved ten litres of brainstorming, pitches and presentations every single day.

Read about our proposal 

Tan Kah Kee

Train Station Design Concept by: Kim’s Army HQ (Keer, Huici and I)

This downtown line station is named after Mr. Tan Kah Kee, a well-known philanthropist and de facto leader in the Singaporean community. He is greatly revered for his generous contributions to education and society. A famous personal motto of Mr. Tan is “community before self”.

Our concept of design for Tan Kah Kee station seeks to capture a sense of organic community spirit amidst the fast-paced lives of the community residing in Singapore.

This spirit is conveyed and captured by rallying the community together to contribute their input to the aesthetic designs of TKK station. As all too often, the environment around us is landscaped, artificially ready-made.

The station is surrounded by many schools, and is built on a land dedicated to education by Mr Tan Kah Kee. The station commuters will also frequently consist of students and teachers. Therefore, we want to incorporate our learning spirit and our country’s progress in education into our design as well.


  • Seedlings planted by community –People from all walks of life will be invited to plant seedlings into the exterior landscape of station. These plots of earth will be surrounded by a garden fence, which comprises of the motifs and traditional architecture of different cultures present in Singapore. What this shows: Everyone has a part to play in the planting of these seedlings that will grow with time. (Nurturing = education of youths) The unified posts resemble a multi-racial community holding hand in hand, protectively defending the nurturing of these plants, which symbolize the education of future generations.
  • Turning the platform into an interactive classroom – The everyday quotidian tables and chairs found in schools are re-appropriated aesthetically as seats provided for commuters on the waiting platforms.
  • Playground made up of science lab apparatus on the concourse / platform – Students from the schools around the station can come together and play in this interactive playground. Education should be fun, not about rote learning and regurgitation of facts. Learning should be a journey of exploration and joy.

In the sink we throw


Ammonia (aq), Hydrocholoric Acid, Iron (II) Nitrate, sodium hydroxide, for more, please refer to your last chemistry practical


Arts Against Aids: It’s okay

We participated in a short film competition called Arts for AIDS, organised by Action for AIDS Singapore.

To thank our very patient actors: Hanson, Yijing, Theodora, Bei Long, we decorated CD covers, and handpainted shirts for them

Featured on the cover page of The Act

Yay we won!

What inspired us to pick this plot?

Many do not know much about AIDS, and there is a fear and stigma shrouded around this illness. Through this film, we want to make the HIV positive feel positive and feel welcome in the society, be accepting about their illness. We also want the public to have a positive attitude towards these people and not be fearful towards them. We want the convey the message of being positively positive.
Through the recurring motif of mistakes, we want to show that being infected with HIV is not the end of the world, and possibilities are only limited by our perceptions. Being diagnosed with AIDS is not a death sentence.  We tried to parallel the many relatable scenarios that many of us face in our daily lives to that of the AIDS patient, to show that in fact, we are no different from each other. We have definitely crossed lines and made mistakes, sometimes irreversible, but it does not mean that we begin to hide ourselves in darkness and shut ourselves from the world and be stagnant. Through our film, we hope people living with AIDS as well as people living around them will be optimistic and do away with their fears.

Who wrote the script?

All of us wrote it! Initially, we came up with our own story each, reflective of our experiences and setbacks faced throughout life. After Huici came up with the mistakes concept and motif, and everyone of us contributed our own little stories, Keer and I sat in the lecture theatre after Math lecture and finished the script within an hour. We had a lot of fun sharing the roles of directing, writing, editing, sharing our mistakes and experiences in handling the equipment, improving and learning from one another.

Writing the script together was a great experience, we could discuss about our own life experiences and our little knowledge about HIV through channel 8 dramas and our extremely beneficial sex education.

What were our guiding principles when we made this film?

We wanted to make a film that is optimistic, light-heartedness, and leaves the audience feeling refreshed. We also wanted to show, not tell.

We wanted our film to be able to relate to the audience and highlight people living with HIV are no different from us. We wanted to put the public in the shoes of the main character, who is just like all of us. We want to show that although the main character is suffering from HIV, he is a brave man. He is willing to face the illness without fear and with optimism: through HIV testing, mustering the courage to find a job, acquiring treatment, integrating into society once again and being accepted. Just like how he unknowingly changed many lives for the better in little ways through his optimism and positive attitude, he is reminded in the end that he should face his own illness without fear. The film also reflects our hopes of a supportive and understanding society.Our little actions may not change reality, but we hope that people will be touched by our film and that we can change their perceptions a little.

What have we learnt about HIV before and after making this short film?

Before, we didn’t know much about plight of HIV positive people or what the public thought about HIV as it is not a topic being covered in detail in school. We spent quite a bit of time researching on the internet, reading magazines, watching channel 8. The briefing and sharing session held by Action for AIDS Singapore was also quite useful. We were extremely touched by what some of the volunteers shared.

After the experience, we realised more profoundly how the prejudices society has against the HIV positive can affect them. We learnt about pragmatic issues surrounding AIDS like medical bills, job employment, and also about the feeling of being plagued by insecurities daily.

Watching Royston Tan’s 48, also made us a lot more aware of the public’s perception towards the illness. We realised that we still do not totally understand how the realities of being HIV positive are, and it will never be possible to. However, our stand still remains, that a compassionate society is what we need, and that it is okay to make mistakes

ILP Experimentation

For the Individual Learning Programme in J1, I wanted to try something new. I played with smell, burnt plastic, and fried potions. Such fun times~

i cancervive

Side effects: Low stamina during training a part of my lungs died, promising cancer patient





Materials used: 

Reused plastic, styrofoam, trash, clay


What do you smell?

Is it what you see?

The soft yellow flesh behind an army of thorns,

the beguiling sweetness that trail a revolting odour,

the rancid piles of plastic landfills we constantly cover up,

the times we tried to play Mother Nature

We shelter under an armour of lies, in an attempt to forget the shameful reality that we live in

But are they all just a thing of the past?

Sniff again.


This work attempts to bring to light the little attention we pay to our sense of smell and our unique response to scent perception and the memory a smell entails.

Must a smell necessarily remind you of a beautiful memory?

Project make nicole look feminine



Headband made out of melted plastic spoons and a tolerant nose that stays strong despite big openings

404 Error: Voice Not Found



The title a play on the commonly encountered HTTP standard response code when something gets taken off the Internet, this painting comments on how rampant censorship in today’s day and age stifles artistic freedom and expression and confines free speech amongst individuals, whereby we are not allowed to speak what we think, or see what we desire. The encroaching censor pixels that appear to deluge the face thrown up in expression and restrain the mouth and eyes, signifies the impinging censorship efforts in our society that suppresses and gradually devours our creativity, imagination and identity. The serpentine hair that spreads across the length and width of the canvas as they fade into pixels, illustrates the dissemination of ideas and opinions that are once again curbed by censorship. Like Singapore’s art scene, budding and promising, yet embarked on a path riddled with obstacles due to its importunate censorship efforts.