Fruits & Veg-based fashion design

I really like bananas, because they are so soft and sweet and gives you energy before a competition. I also like that it is seedless because seeds are really annoying. I have a very good relationship with bananas, so I was really motivated to do a fashion design based on bananas. First, for research and development, I began by buying a bunch of bananas at the market and sitting down to draw them with colour pencils.


Paper and colour pencils,

18 Feb 09, 20cm X 18cm

I think I should have done a better job at keeping the drawing clean, because all these bits of development are really important to progress on, and I should at least start on an alternate piece of paper so as to not allow the overlapping drawings to get smudged onto each other, like what happened to this drawing.

This was also my first time using colour pencils to start. Usually, I would use pencil for the outline but this time, I started by using yellow to outline the shape of the banana and then adding in the texture as well as the details and shadows. I think it looks better this way than seeing a thick pencil outline on a drawing. It’s also more spontaneous this way as sometimes colour pencils can hardly be erased.

Peeled banana,

Paper and colour pencils,

18 Feb 09, 16cm X 29cm

I really enjoyed drawing these bananas and making it seem more real by adding more and more details. I like that the outside of the skin and inside of the skin has two different kinds of textures and that I could show it through different tones and textures.

A Bunch of Bananas,

Paper and colour pencils,

18 Feb 09, 28cm X 21cm

I like that this drawing actually pops out (at least in the real work) and has a sense of depth due to the shadows in the background cast by the bananas.

I really like the fact that bananas look different on the outside and on the inside, which is very resembling of the people I see today. I thought that this would be a great fruit for a dress due to its peels that spread out looking like a dress and its different layers as well as different textures, and these can all be portrayed in a dress using many layers and different materials.

Peeling dress,

water colour,

23 Feb 09, 12cm X 46cm

This idea originates from the banana peel. There are many different kinds of cloth, and they are of different colours and opacities, which makes the dress seem like it is made up many layers, which is like how a banana is like. The different opacities of cloth is a comment about the transparency of the facade that people wear with them everyday.

Papaya Robes,

water colour,

30 Feb 09, 14cm X 43cm


Paper and marker,

18 Feb 09, 14cm X 43cm

I like this dress a lot and I hope I had explored further on it, and made some variations to it before deciding it as my final design, because I think it could have had so much more potential.


Paper and marker,

04 Mar 09, 20cm X 43cm

This is one of my draft pieces of designs, which is a dress based on a cabbage. I think it is not very original and also cabbage-inspired dresses are also very common in fashion in the past, which prevents this from standing out so I did not choose this for my final.

Strawberry milk,

Colour pencils,

04 Feb 09, 20cm X 33cm

Another draft based on strawberries I think it is quite cute and the girl has really nice legs.

Strawberry milk,

Colour pencils,

04 Feb 09, 20cm X 33cm

This is a design based on onions, which emphasises on the layering of it, one beneath another, which I have shown in the lower part of the dress. Also, I tried to take after the texture of the onions, which I have drawn as flowy lines, and the seemingly ‘cut off’ and jagged end of the peel. In this drawing, I also tried to incorporate some actions and expressions into the model, for example, this girl seems to be waiting longingly for something.

I explored on faces of models as I thought that it would be an essential step to be able to carry the proportion of a face right. I hope that I had also explored on bodies so that I could draw them more in proportion. Maybe faces are not so important as compared to the body.


1) The Peeling Dress, Acrylic on canvas, A3

This is a banana-based design, which brings out the peeling of the banana and its different textures and colour inside and outside of the banana. I like this the best, because it is really simple, which makes it more wearable on a normal occasion. Also, I like that the background fits the design very well, almost blending in and the colour palette of this painting being a very limited one of only yellow, black and white. I also like the expression and actions of the model, which brings more essence to the design.

1) Pitaya, Acrylic on canvas, A3

This is based on dragonfruit, developed from the above design, being more elaborate and added with texture, like the skin of the dragonfruit, which seems a bit rough and porous.A dragonfruit is known for its ‘spikes’, which are pink at the thicker end and green at the thinner end. I also showed this in my painting. This design is also based on onions, which is the purple part. It bears the flowy texture of the onion peel and its continuous layering and overlap on top of one another.

1) Papaya Holes, Acrylic on canvas, A3

This is a papaya-based design, which shows the model lying on the velvet sofa in a Mingzhen(TM) pose. I even designed a hat for her, which is a papaya cut into half. The dress brings out the elements of a papaya, which are its seeds, its smooth texture, its soft and fragile peel. The dress is a tight-fitting one which has frequent holes in them, opening to another layer that is made up of designs of papaya seeds, like what we see inside a papaya. At the sleeves and skirt area, there are layers of papaya skin, showing its shiny and smooth texture by the lighting on them.

I think I focused a lot on layers for this assignment, like the layers of peels for the banana, the peels of the dragonfruit, and the also the layering of the papaya that reveals into another layer. I think layers are interesting, they can represent the varying degrees of depth in something, as well as a shell, camouflage, and secrecy.  They are also more interesting to look at than just a flat layer or colour, and it is also a very important element in fashion design.


2 thoughts on “Fruits & Veg-based fashion design

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  2. Haha i think you did really well for this assignment. You managed to show the fruits very clearly in each of the dresses and even had different environments to complement the feel appropriately. Very nice! i especially liked the dragonfruit one done in pen, the papaya robes were nice too. Your use of colour is very good too (:

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