Coursework write-up Part II – Packaging Design

Packaging design


Most cigarette packets sold in Singapore show a terrifying image of the harmful consequences of smoking on the front, to advise smokers against excessive smoking.

I think that both smoking and eating oily food like french fries are very similar in the detrimental effects they inflict on our health, so I decided to use this idea in the packaging for the french fries.

Design on the box

I think this is a terryifying image because one wouldn’t like to wake up one day and find oneself not able to fit into her pants. It is like a forewarning that if they are to continue their excessive diet of fries, they will one day end up like that.

I decided to use a cigarette box because it is a daily object or a recognising stereotypying packaging that many people are familiar with and thus would relate to them. This physiological and physical connection wit hthe object will have a greater impact on the way a person thinks.

This is to show that fries are addictive, and once we start on one, we will never stop, it makes us crave for it, like how smoking does.

The template which I used to make the cigarette packet

Final fries packaging:

I tried to assemble the fries neatly so they would look like cigarettes in a packet.


1st idea

This shows the merciless process of how the cows are being killed to obtain beef patties in the burgers that we eat. There is blood spilling all over, and the cows are transported in an assembly line from a very packed farm of cows on a conveyor belt above a river of blood which contains the blood of previous culled cows, and they are all being transported towards the McDonald’s stall where they are turned into beef patties which then enters our stomachs.
It shows how abdominably the cows are treated so as to satisfy the world’s increasing demand for fast food. This will raise awareness about the treatment of the cows so people will think twice about consuming their Big Macs.

2nd idea: A Syringe

Coke contains caffeine that makes one become addicted to it after excessive dosage and it is hard to kick the addiction.

Liquid calories has a stronger impact on weight loss than calories from solid foods. Drinking sugar-sweetened beverages definitely helps you gain weight faster than eating fattening foods.The rise in consumption of liquid sugar has significantly paralleled the obesity epidemic.

Sketch of syringe

Design on packaging

How I constructed the base of the syringe

Final drink packaging with straw

The bottle that we drink with a straw from has been changed into a syringe, a universal symbol that represents drug taking. Drinking fizzy drinks like Coca Cola is addictive and harms the body. Some of us cannot live without drinking coca cola, just like how drug addicts go crazy when they are deprived of their drug supply. The straw which people drink from is represented as the needle that protrudes out of a typical syringe. It makes people hesitate when drinking and think of the consequences, and what they are really drinking.


The burger, which consists of food from cultures all over the world, will be made out of clay. It will be put inside a globe that is cut by the golden arches of the McDonald’s logo, such that it can still be seen and the message is still clear. I chose this packaging to go with the burger because they both complement each other, saying the same things, the erosion and homogenization of culture due to globalisation and consumerism.

1st idea

2nd idea


Xiao Long Bao



Roti Prata

Final burger with everything stacked up (It was really difficult trying to make it stand.)


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