Inspiration I: Super Size Me

Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me explores the concept of obesity-by-fast-food among Americans, arguing whether it is the responsibility of the consumers to resist the addictive, available fast food we are trained as children to love or is it the responsibility of the fast food corporation, in short, where do we draw the line between personal and corporate responsibility? It is a documentary film which examines the US fast food industry as Spurlock goes 28 days eating only McDonalds food.

From the film, it states that nearly 1 million Americans are obese. Moreover, more than 50% of Americans get no form of exercise, coupled with the frighteningly high numbers of obesity-related deaths per year – which stands at 400,000. Such a shocking statistic that is pertinent throughout the film is actually very frightening. One out of four Americans are also obese.

After the 28 days, he gained  11.1 kg, a 13% body mass increase and a cholesterol level of 230. His experiment not only brought him to the brink of grave illness, but also led him to properly understand the workings of the giant fast food industry.

After watching this like a gazillion times, it probably had an impact on me, and for a very long while, I haven’t been eating McDonald’s unless I’m forced to.

The narrations about the booming portion sizes have given me a new insight about the fast food industry and how it is affecting our lives, our culture, and our health. Watching this film has made me more aware of the salt, fat  and calories present in the food that is sold in fast food restaurants.

I think the film was an really funny and entertaining one and I think if shown to Americans, it would probably have a much greater impact that them having them listen to their doctor or dieticians.

Below is a Super Size Me special feature where Morgan Spurlock keeps the McDonald’s fries and burgers for more than 10 weeks in jars.

Notice that the fries hardly have a sign a decay on them – shows how much preservatives were put into them, and it is actually all these that we are eating when we put them into our mouths.

I think after I watched this film, I will never look at fast food the same way again. I hardly eat fast food nowadays, and this film has helped to establish a viewpoint towards fast food culture and its terrifying influence and impact on our society and our everyday way of living.

I feel that we cannot blame the corporation because we wear the robes and hold the gravel to what enter our mouths. We choose what we eat, no one is holding a gun to our heads and forcing us to eat them everyday and end up like Morgan Spurlock. We are blessed with the freedom to ability to control our own lives let alone control what we eat, and I hope that I can channel all my opinions on this issue in my artwork, to show although McDonald’s is such an overwhelming and dominating fast food giant, ultimately, we are the ones that decide, not the corporation.


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